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How to Level Up Fast in New World: Earn XP

Here are the best ways to level up in New World.
Here are the best ways to level up in New World. / Photo courtesy of Amazon Games

With players being nearly three weeks removed from the Sept. 28 launch of New World, it's safe to say that the community has figured out how to best approach the long, strenuous level process that's to be expected of an MMORPG such as this.

For those interested in getting their grind on, here's a breakdown on how to level up efficiently and quickly in New World.

How to Level Up Fast in New World: Earn XP

To level up in New World, players will need to gain XP, which not only will you to be able to upgrade your character's core Attributes, but also unlock various permanent rewards at certain level thresholds and more.

Most of the tricks of the trade for gaining XP in New World revolve around Main Quests, Town Missions and other various sources.

Complete the Main Story Quests Early

As a newer player, it only makes sense to prioritize completing the main story quests first, as they are the best XP source early on before you get to the higher recommended level ones. As such, they also work as a guide to which areas are relevant for your level. Feel free to complete Side Quests along the way as you navigate to your next main quest destination.

Use the Fast Travel Options

Speaking of navigating between quests, Aeternum is a pretty decently-sized map to say the least. Since there are no mounts or ways to increase your base movement speed in New World, keep an eye out for question marks on the map as they could be fast travel shrines, which will minimize downtime on your grind.

Gain XP in the Highest-Level Territory Manageable

In New World, different territories have different recommended levels, and the XP you gain in these territories scales with their difficulty:

  • Level 5: Everfall, Firstlight, Monarch's Bluffs, Windsward
  • Level 25: Brightwood, Cutlass Keys
  • Level 30: Weaver's Fen
  • Level 40: Great Cleave, Restless Shore
  • Level 45: Mourningdale
  • Level 50: Ebonscale, Edengrove
  • Level 60: Reekwater, Shattered Mountain

As you carry out quests and other activities in these areas, you'll increase your standing with them, which will increase all XP you gain within that territory, including Town Missions, Side Quests, Faction Missions and more. Each time you level up standing, you can also choose one of several perks to activate in that region. Can an eye out for the XP Boost option to gain that bonus for all quests and activities you do in that territory.

Here are some other quick, surefire ways to earn XP quickly in New World:

  • Hit enemies that others are already fighting
  • Do at least three Faction Missions daily
  • Complete Town Missions as often as possible
  • Interact with lore pages/notes
  • Before logging off, rest in a settlement to gain the Well Rested XP bonus status effect upon returning