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How to Level Up the Warzone 2 Battle Pass

Activision, screenshot by DBLTAP

Call of Duty: Warzone 2's battle pass has a unique leveling-up system. From exploring its multi-sector map to getting new items, here's how to level up in Warzone 2's battle pass system.

How to Level Up in Warzone 2 Battle Pass

Call of Duty players can level up while utilizing a multi-sector map. With this new system, gamers can have more control when selecting which items to collect. Gamers will need battle pass tokens in order to find items on the map, which will also display the theme of every season.

The sectors of the map have a main object that is regarded as a high value target (HVT). When traveling to sector A1, players can find a weapon blueprint as the sector's HVT, but there are additional objects that should be gained before receiving the main feature.

When progressing through the map, players have to find all the items in one sector before exploring the next area. Call of Duty fans recommend choosing certain seasonal rewards before embarking on a mission toward finding an operator skin or a new gun.

As for unlocking weapons in sectors A6 and A7, players will need 30 battle pass tokens in order to gain these items. In the A6 sector, gamers can collect the BAS-P SMG, which has a strong rate of fire and can be utilized when finishing the last activities in the campaign.

When finishing the battle pass and exploring the 20 sectors in the game, players will be able to enter the victory sector, which includes objects such as new operator skins and weapon blueprints.

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