How to Level Up Weapons Fast in MW3

Here's how to level up weapons fast in MW3.
Here's how to level up weapons fast in MW3. / Activision

With Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Season 1 just one week away, fans want to know how to level up weapons fast in MW3.

Although players cannot Prestige in MW3 just yet, they can still max out their weapons. Except the grind to unlock and level up all the new options in MW3 can get tiresome and frustrating very quickly, especially with the new Armory system. If you find yourself struggling to get all the best weapons and attachments in the game, we have the three best ways to speed up the process.

Here's how to level up your weapons fast in MW3.

How to Level Up Weapons Fast in MW3

Players can employ a variety of strategies to level up weapons fast in MW3. From playing different modes to completing certain challenges, there are plenty of ways to accelerate the grueling process of unlocking and leveling up your weapons.

1. Complete Daily and Weekly Challenges

Completing Daily and Weekly Challenges rewards players with free XP for every successful mission. Although some might be quite annoying to achieve, the XP and resulting Armory unlocks are worth the hassle (most of the time).

The Daily Challenges refresh every day, giving players fresh tasks every 24 hours on MW3. There are also special Zombies challenges as well for those looking to farm kills on countless undead opponents.

2. Double XP Tokens

As always, Double XP Tokens and special Double XP weekends are surefire ways to level up quickly in Call of Duty. Your in-game efforts will be rewarded 2x, all-but doubling the speed of leveling up your desired weapons.

Players can get Double XP Tokens through the Battle Pass or by completing the MW3 Campaign. The MW3 Season 1 Battle Pass goes live on Wednesday, Dec. 6, 2023.

3. Play Ground War

Although most players might be more inclined to play traditional modes like Hardpoint or Domination, Ground War offers the easiest kills and plenty of objectives. The mode is 32v32 and provides constant action, enemies, and XP opportunities.

If you get sick of the large, chaotic map, then Hardpoint and Domination are the next best options for XP. As long as you balance kills with objectives, you should see substantial results in the quest to max out your weapons.