How to Light All Nine Lamps in Diablo Immortal

Image courtesy of Blizzard

As part of the Lost Runes quest in Diablo Immortal, players will need to solve a puzzle involving nine lamps. Here's what you need to know.

Diablo Immortal isn't always total carnage. Every now and then a quest will crop up that requires a little more brain power to complete. This is certainly true with the mirror puzzle that's part of the Lost Runes quest.

It's a fairly straighforward concept, and one players will have likely seen in plenty of games beforehand. Nine lamps are positioned in a grid formation, and you need to light all of them to complete the puzzle. The issue is that when you light one, fire shoots out a lights nearby lamps and extinguishes ones that were already on. To successfully light all lamps, players will need to do so in the right order.

Correct Order for Lighting All Nine Lamps in Diablo Immortal Lost Runes Quest

To start, ensure all lamps are already off. If you've attempted the puzzle and have some lamps already lit, go to the nearby Rune and reset them all.

With all of the lamps now off, you'll need to light all four corner lamps and then the lamp in the middle. This will unlock the first Rune for the Lost Runes quest, which you can then take back to The Curator and move onto the hunt for the second.

Diablo Immortal is available now on iOS, Android, and PC Open Beta for free.