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How to Link YouTube to Fortnite Account for Free Loot

How do you link YouTube to Fortnite? Epic Games has teamed up with YouTube and is encouraging players to link their accounts to earn in-game cosmetics. Here is how you can link your YouTube and Epic Games accounts for free loot in Fortnite.

How To Link YouTune to Fortnite

Epic Games has put forth a schedule of YouTube video release dates that they want their players to watch. One of these videos is "Game Jam Hollywood," which will showcase 16 Fortnite content creators creating their own games in a limited amount of time. A few days later, the live broadcasts for the Fornite World Cup Finals will also air on YouTube. So long as players watch each event for 20 minutes, they can earn in-game loot.

To link your accounts, you need to follow these steps:

1. Login into your YouTube profile and click settings.
2. Click on the Connected Accounts tab.
3. Find Epic Games in the list of accounts to connect, and hit the blue button right next to it that says "Connect".
4. You will then be prompted to sign into your Epic Games account. Sign in with your Epic Games account to authorize Google to have access to it, and you're done!

Photo Courtesy of Epic Games