How to Lockpick in Dying Light 2

Photo courtesy Techland

Lockpicking in Dying Light 2 hasn’t changed much compared to the first game as players still need a lockpick, even if it's just a bent paper clip. Players had some discrepancies with the amount of lockpicking in Dying Light, and as it transferred over to the second game, players still think that the amount of times they have to pick a lock is quite a lot for just normal gameplay.

How to Lockpick in Dying Light 2

When approaching a locked item in Dying Light 2 Stay Human, players will need to have a lock picking item in order to initiate the picking task. such items include chests, cars, vans, and lockers.

When picking the lock, the goal is to make the pick go towards the top piece when turning the lock. The ideal position to pick the lock can be viewed from a clock’s angle of nine o’clock to three o’clock. In between that area is the correct position to unlock the item that needs to be opened.

This game mechanic is not just similar to the first Dying Light, but other games like Skyrim and Fallout series, where veteran fans will have an easier time adjusting to this learning curve.

But no matter the comfortability of picking a lock, many players think that lockpicking is way too prevalent in Dying Light 2, and with hopes from the first game that the mechanics of picking locks would change, nothing has been adjusted despite players voicing their opinions about what needed to be changed. There was even a suggestion of creating a skill out of it so that players can be rewarded, but that has not been placed into effect.