How to Look at Maps in Vampire Survivors

Image courtesy of poncle

Wondering how to look at the maps and levels in Vampire Survivors? Here's what you need to know.

Vampire Survivors is a roguelike that's been picking up steam lately thanks to its popularity with streamers. Though the game is currently in early access, many players have been pleasantly surprised at its depth. There's plenty to unlock, fight, and collect across Vampire Survivors, but some features might not be immediately obvious.

This can be true for the game's levels. Knowing how to look at all of the available maps can prove to be tricky. Fortunately, we've detailed exactly what you need to know.

How to Unlock All Maps and Levels in Vampire Survivors

At the time of writing, there are six stages/levels to unlock in Vampire Survivors, of which four are regular stages, one is a challenge stage, and the other is a bonus stage.

The first stage, Mad Forest, is unlocked by default. This will be the only map available when you first start Vampire Survivors. The rest of the maps can be unlocked in the following ways:

  • Stage 2: Inlaid Library - Unlocked by reaching level 20 in the Mad Forest.
  • Stage 3: Dairy Plant - Unlocked by reaching level 40 in the Inlaid Library.
  • Stage 4: Gallo Tower - Unlocked by reaching level 60 in the Dairy Plant.
  • Challenge: Green Acres - Earned by unlocking Hyper Mode for two stages.
  • Bonus: Il Molise - Earned by unlocking Hyper Mode for three normal stages.

How to View All Maps and Levels in Vampire Survivors

If you've managed to unlock a new level/stage in Vampire Survivors, you might be wondering how to view and select them. To do so, simply head back to the Start menu, select your character, and after which you'll be prompted to choose one of the unlocked stages.