How to loot Leviathans in Apex Legends? Leviathans, the giant quadrupeds that once roamed the outside of the King's Canyon arena, are now fully in the mix in Apex Legends Season 2. These massive creatures can be seen trampling unsuspecting players, but their addition to the map isn't all bad news for competitors.

As those Leviathan legs come crashing down on Apex Legends players, they can start to accumulate significant piles of loot beneath them. That loot persists even while the foot is rooted to the ground, giving daring players a chance to up their gear.

How to loot Leviathans in Apex Legends Season 2

All told, players have around six seconds from when the Leviathan begins to lift its leg to when it brings that leg crashing back down. That's more than enough time to slide in, steal some gear and be on your way.

Players must be careful, however — Leviathan legs will instantly kill any and all players caught underneath them when they return to earth.

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts