How to Make a Fire in DayZ

How to make a fire in DayZ is an important mechanic to memorize. Much like surviving in the wilderness of our world, fire can provide many benefits, so learning how to light it up gives you one more advantage and keeps you one step closer to staying alive.

Here's how you make a fire in DayZ.

How to Make a Fire in DayZ

Building a fire in this survival game is much like building a fire out in the real wilderness. You'll need tinder or kindling, fuel, and something to light it all with.

When searching for kindling, just about anything works. You'll need an extra wood stick and a rag, bandage, paper, or piece of bark to craft this. Once crafted, your fire can be placed anywhere you'd like.

You'll need matches to light it and fuel⁠—such as more wood sticks, rags, or firewood⁠—to keep it burning. The more fuel you add, the longer the fire will burn. Be aware that you can only add five sticks, three firewood logs, or six rags at a time.

You have the option of burning⁠—destroying⁠—other things on the fire, but these won't count toward its fuel.

As you might expect, it can be more difficult to light a fire in arduous weather conditions like rain, wind, or snow.

If you'd like to put a fancy stone ring around your fire, simply add four stones. If you'd like to turn your fire into a cooking oven to make some food, you'll need to add eight stones and a cooking pot. You can also combine your fire with a cooking tripod for the same effect.

Good luck, survivors.

Photo courtesy of Bohemia Interactive Studio.