How to Make a Flag Pole in DayZ

Courtesy of Bohemia Interactive

Wondering how to craft a Flag Pole in DayZ? Here's what you need to know.

DayZ can be a particularly brutal survival sim. Stranded in a huge, post-apocalyptic open world, a player's main goal is to survive for as long as possible. The problem is that resources are scarce, food, drink, temperature and sickness all need to be managed, and the biggest threat of all — other players — could be friend or deadly foe.

Crafting plays an important role in DayZ, though knowing how to craft specific items can be difficult. If you're looking into creating a base and adding more structures to it, you might be wondering how to craft a Flag Pole.

How to Craft a Flag Pole in DayZ

Flag Poles have the strange effect of stopping all items within a 60-meter radius in a storage container from despawning. Given DayZ's constant refreshing loot pool, if you're trying to store something, there's a chance for it to despawn after a period of time. In order for the Flag Pole to work, it needs to have a Flag attached and be fully hoisted.

To build a Flag Pole, players will need the following materials:

  • 10x Wooden Logs
  • 32x Stones
  • 60x Nails
  • Metal Wire
  • Rope

Players will also need:

  • Flag Pole Kit
  • Shovel or Pickaxe
  • Hammer or Hatchet
  • Sledgehammer

To begin crafting a Flag Pole, players will first need to deploy the Flag Pole Kit and construct its base using one Wooden Log and a Sledgehammer.

Players will then need to craft the support, using 32 Stones, six Wooden logs and a Shovel or Pickaxe. This will pile up stones around the base of the the Flag Pole. Then comes the build of the pole itself, using one Metal Wire, one Rope, 60 Nails, three Wooden logs and a Hammer or Hatchet. This will construct the pole and a mechanism for raising a Flag once attached.

Players can deconstruct the Flag Pole using the Hammer or Hatchet.