How to Make a Gas Mask in Grounded

Obsidian Entertainment

Need to survive the fumes of a Stinkbug? Here's how to make a Gas Mask in Grounded.

The micro world of Grounded is a treacherous place for a number of reasons. From hostile bugs to deadly toxins, there's plenty that you'll need to protect yourself from. Whether you're going head to head with a Stinkbug or need to get into the Haze Lab, you're going to need a Gas Mask to stand any chance of survival. Here's how to craft one.

How to Make a Gas Mask in Grounded

A basic Gas Mask can be crafted pretty early on in Grounded, and will require the parts of a couple of different bugs and can only be crafted at a Workbench.

The ingredients you'll need are:

  • 1 Weevil Nose
  • 4 Gnat Fuzz
  • 2 Crude Rope
  • 1 Stinkbug Part

Yes, in order to best protect yourself against Stinkbugs, you'll need to take one out first. If you haven't gotten the recipe for a Gas Mask yet, you can do so by taking either a Stinkbug Gas Sack, Stinkbug Part, Weevil Nose, or Rotten Gas Mask to an Analyzer.

When wearing the Gas Mask, you'll notice that your field of view is slightly reduced and the characters voice is echoed. The Gas Mask will take durability damage while in Stinkbug, Gas Arrow, and rotten food gas, but not the Haze.