How to Make a Portal in Valheim

Portals are an essential tool in Valheim that allow players to teleport anywhere they set them up. | Photo by identicaltwin00, Coffee Stain Studios.
Portals are an essential tool in Valheim that allow players to teleport anywhere they set them up. | Photo by identicaltwin00, Coffee Stain Studios. /

Wanting to cut your travel time in Valheim immensely by just teleporting to it? This is how you can set up a portal in Valheim.

In the huge map that Valheim gives to players, it can be tedious to backtrack to the same spot over and over again on foot, so why not use a portal instead.

How to Set Up a Portal in Valheim

Fortunately, portals can be made early on in the game, however, the way to get them can be a little difficult if not well equipped. In order to teleport through the portal, you will need two portals, so double up on all of the ingredients in order to make a functioning set of portals.

In order to craft a single portal, you will need the following items:

  • 10 Greydwarf eyes
  • 20 fine wood
  • 2 Surtling Cores
  • 1 Workbench

First, you'll need a Workbench, and each portal will need to be in the range of a Workbench, so place it in a reasonable spot nearby it.

To obtain the Greydwarf eyes, you'll need to kill a hefty amount of Greydwarfs. They can be found in the Black Forest, although they do spawn in other biomes around the map. If you find a one or two-star Greydwarf, they will always drop it upon slaying them, and a zero-star spawn will drop their eyes 50% of the time.

Gathering fine wood is relatively easy as well, as all you will need is at least a Bronze Axe, which can be made with four Wood, eight Bronze, and two Leather Scraps. Once crafted in the forge, find some nearby birch or oak trees, and fine wood can be extracted from them.

Finally, you'll need to gather some Surtling Cores, which can be found again in the Black Forest. Once in the biome, find a burial chamber, which looks like small rock houses. Inside the burial chambers will be a small maze with a few enemies inside and Surtling Cores laying around, be prepared as you venture inside the maze as they can do plenty of damage if not. You can also defeat Surtlings in Swamp biomes, in which they will always drop Surtling Cores - they will be the enemies that are on fire.

Photo by Kysen, Coffee Stain Studios
Photo by Kysen, Coffee Stain Studios /

Once the necessary materials are gathered, equip a Hammer and you should be able to craft a portal from the inventory, located in the Miscellaneous tab of the menu. Be sure to place it so that the runes on the wood are facing towards your character, otherwise, you will have made the portal backward. Fortunately, you're able to destroy the portal and can get all of the materials back if there are any mistakes.

Now, you'll have to find a place to set up the second portal at a place of your choosing. It can be helpful to have it farther away from your established base so the time to trek to that spot is faster.

After the second portal is set up, you need to connect the portals using the portal tag system. You can do so by pressing the "E" button on each portal and typing in a case-sensitive tag. It will read as "[UNCONNECTED]," but if done right, it should connect very shortly. If there are any problems with the portal tag or if the portal has been taken down, it will stay unconnected. That said, ensure the tags are both spelled the same, or protect it from monsters in the world that can attack it.

Photo by 04AM, Coffee Stain Studios
Photo by 04AM, Coffee Stain Studios /

One thing to note is that there are some times where you're unable to teleport through the portal as you may see the "An item prevents you from teleporting" alert as you pass through. Although it may be handy to just set up a portal over long distances to help farming for materials easier to send back to your base, a lot of ores prevent teleportation.

These are items that cannot be teleported through if they are in your inventory:

  • Tin and tin ore
  • Copper and copper ore
  • Bronze
  • Scrap iron and iron
  • Silver and silver ore
  • Dragon egg
  • Black metal and black metal scraps
  • Flametal and flametal ores