How to Make Concrete in Minecraft

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Despite being almost 12 years old at this point, Minecraft is still a hugely popular game, and its complex environmental simulation includes a large number of blocks, mobs and other interconnected systems that allow players to build their world. One common construction material is Concrete, used in modern buildings today. Here's how to make it in Minecraft.

Concrete was first added to Minecraft in 2017 as part of Java Edition 17w06a. It comes in many different colors, allowing players to use it as an aesthetic material for decorating their constructions as well as a building material in and of itself.

How to Make Concrete in Minecraft

Making Concrete in Minecraft is a two-step process, according to the Minecraft Wiki. First, one must obtain Concrete Powder. It can be mined in nature with shovels, or created by mixing Sand and Gravel, along with a Dye of the desired color. To make full Concrete, this Powder must come in contact with a source of water, which hardens it.

Alternatively, pre-made Concrete can be found in Trail Ruin biomes, though it will only appear in Red and Cyan colors.

Concrete is not flammable and has a Hardness and Blast Resistance of 1.8.