How to Make Grass Floors in Grounded

Obsidian Entertainment

A good foundation of any base is laying down the right floors. Here's how to craft Grass Floors in Grounded.

Part of Obsidian's survival game Grounded is building a strong, and creative base. As players progress and discover more items and materials, plenty of structural and decorative items will be unlocked. But one of the more basic pieces of your base isn't available from the start — a simple Grass Floor.

For a short while, you'll be sleeping on the cold, muddy ground until you can get a proper floor down. Fortunately, we've detailed exactly how to get the Grass Floor recipe, so you shouldn't have to suffer for too long.

How to Craft Grass Floors in Grounded

In order to get the recipe for Grass Floor, you'll need to progress a little bit through the main story. Players will need to meet Burg.L and gain access to his Raw Science shop. From here, purchase the 'Multi-Story Bases' pack for 1000 Raw Science. You'll now have access to the recipe.

While Grass Floor is the weakest of floor types, it can be great to use to make headway with your base. They can be used as both flooring and ceiling, allowing you to craft something that at the very least looks like a base.

Place the blueprint down in the location you'd like to build your floor. Each floor panel needs four pieces Grass Planks to construct.

And that's all there is to it. As you progress, you'll find a variety of more creative, sturdier floor types to install into your base.