How to Make a League of Legends PBE Account

Riot Games

Riot Games alters League of Legends regularly with biweekly patch updates, and some of these changes can be completely game changing. One example would be the Aurelion Sol rework, which made him one of the most prominent mid lane champions to pick in professional play.

There is a place where players can go to test out the upcoming changes to the game before they are even introduced to the live servers. This place is called the Public Beta Environment (PBE), and it contains all the upcoming updates for players to try out for themselves. This helps Riot learn whether their upcoming changes will be balanced properly and received positively by the community.

Here is how a player can create a PBE account.

How to Make a League of Legends PBE Account

Before a player can create a PBE account, their main account must be at least Honor Level 3 and currently not have any bans associated with it. If a player meets both of these requirements, then they can head to the official League of Legends website and create their PBE account there.

After creating their account, players can also download the PBE server from that same website and prepare themselves to try out all the upcoming changes and skins that have not reached live servers.