How to Make Nice Throws in Pokémon GO

Photo courtesy of Niantic Labs

How do you make a nice throw in Pokémon GO? Consistently landing a perfect throw on a Pokémon may be difficult, but it can be done with some skill and practice. If you make a nice throw, you can boost your chances of catching a Pokémon, get some more XP, and do it all with style.

Nice throws are in special demand lately, mostly because of the Ultra Unlock Part 2: Space Timed Research. In the event-exclusive mission chain, trainers are asked to make 5 nice throws in a row, and make 7 nice curveball throws in a row. This can be a bit of a challenge for some trainers, so here's a guide for how to pull off nice throws with ease.

How to Make Nice Throws in Pokémon GO

There are three types of throws you have a chance to make in Pokémon GO: nice, great, and excellent. Out of the three, nice throws are the easiest to land.

When you encounter a Pokemon, you'll notice there are two circles on top of it. One is white, and the other may be green, yellow, or orange and will vary in size. Landing your Poké Ball in the colored circle will get you one of the three "good" throws, and the smaller the circle when you landed your ball, the better your throw will be.

Pokemon GO Duskull catch screen

To get a nice throw, all you have to do is land your ball in the colored circle. Therefore, the best strategy is to throw when the circle is at maximum size (lined up with the white circle). Be patient, and wait until the time is right to throw.

It's easiest to pull this off with larger-sized Pokémon like Ponyta and Tauros, who will also have larger circles. If you're not confident in your throwing skills, look for one of these Pokémon and try to land throws on them as many times as possible.

If nice throws are too easy for you, why not challenge yourself by making excellent throws? Or, check out our guide on a trick you can use to quick catch Pokémon.