How to Make Veggie Pasta in Disney Dreamlight Valley


There are plenty of recipes to learn and make in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Here's how to make Veggie Pasta.

One of the many activities to do in Disney Dreamlight Valley is making certain recipes, often for your Disney and Pixar friends. Players will need to gather all of the correct ingredients in order to make up the recipe in full. One recipe that players will come across is the three-star Veggie Pasta.

If you've already cooked Pasta in Disney Dreamlight Valley then you might already have a good knowledge of where to start when it comes to this vegetable variation. For the unsure, we've put together a list of everything you'll need to craft the meal.

How to Make Veggie Pasta in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The ingredients you'll need to create Veggie Pasta in Disney Dreamlight Valley are:

  • Wheat
  • Tomato
  • Any Vegetable

Wheat and Tomato are needed to create the Pasta part of the dish, whereas any Vegetable can be added to make it a Veggie Pasta. Interestingly, Tomatoes are considered a Vegetable in Disney Dreamlight Valley, meaning you can throw in an extra one to make up the Vegetable ingredient, too.

Veggie Pasta is required for one of the game's main quests: “With Great Power.”