How to Make Your Player Better in MLB The Show 21

You can always make your ballplayer better in MLB The Show 21 in order to achieve your major league dreams. | Photo by San Diego Studios
You can always make your ballplayer better in MLB The Show 21 in order to achieve your major league dreams. | Photo by San Diego Studios /

There's always room to make your ballplayer better in MLB The Show 21.

Since ballplayers could always use some upgrading, it isn't an easy path to upgrade without paying some money upfront to do so. Playing in a game that is supposed to emulate being a player in the major leagues can crush your professional dreams if your player is just not good enough to make the cut.

How to Make Your Ballplayer Better in MLB The Show 21


Photo by San Diego Studios
Photo by San Diego Studios /

To upgrade your ballplayer, you'll need to focus on a number of things since your character is playing with a two-way contract between the Road to the Show and Diamond Dynasty modes. Both of which contain options that will allow your ballplayer to get better as you continue playing.

Playing your ballplayer in Road to the Show really just requires you to grind out the matches played in the game in which you need to perform well in order to boost the attributes of your player. Try training on days off between matches and enjoy learning the game little by little to improve your skills in the game and to help boost the attributes of your ballplayer.

Diamond Dynasty will have you focusing on Archetype programs to not only fit the role that you want your ballplayer to play, but also to upgrade their stats too. Completing tasks and programs within the game are easier ways to enjoy the game while also upgrading your player.

Getting more archetypes in the game is also one way to simultaneously improve your experience in the game while improving stats too. You will start off in the bronze-tiered primary positions, but progressing through the programs have archetype packs with higher tiers that increase stats, while also allowing you to play a specialized position of your choosing.


Changing or getting some perks for your ballplayer is one of the more straightforward ways in order to improve your player.

The better the rarity of the perk, naturally, the better the stats for your player. However, this does come at the cost of some sacrifices. The perks will help solidify your playstyle and how you want to play the game with your ballplayer. For example, if you want to be a great contact hitter, perhaps get some Speed and Contact so you can get on base a little better.

There are only two slots available for your ballplayer, so try to figure a combination to see what suits your play style best, while also increasing the stats of your player the way you see fit. You'll be able to obtain more perks as you play the game for free

If you're planning to pay your way for some perks, it may cost a pretty penny at 10,000 Stubs at the moment for diamond-tiered perks. However, it may be worthwhile to purchase them if you're intending to get your player ahead early on to enjoy the advantages. As the game progresses, the perks could see a decrease in price.


One of the more convoluted areas in the game is upgrading the equipment for your ballplayer. There are endless amounts of combinations in which your ballplayer can suit up in different attire in order to upgrade your stats. Unfortunately, for those who want to cover their player in the freshest drip, the fit doesn't necessarily mean results.

Equipping your ballplayer with equipment in order to solely improve their stats will take some fine-tuning in order to get the exact match that you would like. The game embraces capitalism and destroys brand loyalty as you should be mixing up the different equipment your ballplayer is taking in order to get the best stats possible.

Again, if you are planning to buy these, they do come at an even greater cost to the perks. Paying to win is not a cost-effective way to get ahead in the game, however, if you do have deep pockets, the market is yours.

Some items are definitely unnecessary to buy, and you're able to obtain them from just playing the game as well. So if you are looking to spend some money on equipment, consider your options before wanting to buy diamond-tier equipment for your ballplayer.