How to Mark an Enemy Player Using a Flare Gun in Fortnite

Photo by Epic Games

Fortnite flare guns are a way players can mark enemies in the game. Here's how to mark an enemy player using a flare gun in Fortnite.

Using a flare gun to mark enemies is also a week six challenge players can complete in the game.

How to Mark an Enemy Player Using a Flare Gun in Fortnite

The Flare Gun uses its own specific ammo, Fire, and cannot be obtainable. The flare gun comes with 6 ammo and the magazine is 1. The flare gun released in patch 13.20 and is currently vaulted except in Fog of War and Unvaulted game modes.

It's recommended that players use the flare gun by shooting it towards the sky. The bullet will fall and expose enemies in that area. In addition, you can use the flare gun by aiming it towards the ground or a wall to start a fire.

When players fire a Flare Gun in an area, after it is fired, red diamonds will appear on enemies for you to see even if they are not directly in your sight.

The Flare Gun also deals damage and has an explosion effect. The Flare Gun deals 60 damage in the area.

Fortnite is available to play on PC, Xbox, Playstation and mobile platforms.