How to Maximize Halo Infinite FPS

Halo Infinite
Halo Infinite / Credit to 343 Industries

When playing Halo Infinite, you'll want every setting to suit your needs for maximum performance and experience. From a good control layout to Deadzone settings, there are many important factors to maximizing your Halo Infinite gameplay.

One of these important factors for a proper Halo experience is your FPS (Frames Per Second). Here's how to maximize your FPS in Halo Infinite to have the best visual performance possible.

How to Maximize Halo Infinite FPS

Halo Infinite allows players to customize various graphical settings, and while you may have to sacrifice some of the stunning graphics that Halo Infinite has to offer, the boost of your FPS will be worthwhile.

Try these setting configurations to boost your rig's performance playing Halo Infinite:

  • Field of View: 95-100
  • Borderless Fullscreen: Off
  • Resolution Scale: Native resolution
  • Minimum Frame Rate: Off
  • Maximum Frame Rate: Your monitor’s refresh rate
  • Vsync: Off
  • Limit Inactive Frame Rate: Off

Halo Infinite will look \worse when you lower your resolution, but it’ll also give you a nice performance boost to your setup, so it's a step down on quality for a step up on performance.

In the graphics settings, try out these changes as well to further enhance the game's FPS performance:

  • Quality Preset: Custom
  • Texture Filtering: Low
  • Texture Quality: Medium
  • Geometry Quality: Medium
  • Reflections: Off
  • Depth of Field: Low
  • Shadow Quality: Low
  • Lightning Quality: Low
  • Volumetric Fog Quality: Low
  • Cloud Quality: Low
  • Dynamic Wind: Off
  • Ground Cover Quality: Low
  • Effects Quality: Low
  • Decal Quality: Low
  • Animation Quality: Low
  • Terrain Quality: Low
  • Simulation Quality: Low
  • Flocking Quality: Low

As for most games, the key to maximum performance is sacrificing some of the quality of the visuals. If you already have a great amount of FPS on medium settings, you can keep your settings at that level. These low settings, however, will ensure you are at peak FPS and peak gameplay for competitive matches.

Of course, keep in mind that it's relative to your personal computer as well.