How to Mute Words in Valorant Patch 4.01

Photo courtesy Riot Games

Muting words in Valorant has finally come to the game in order to establish a team-friendly experience. As some players find certain terms uncomfortable to see in chat, they now can mute those options in their settings. This new update is much more advanced when it comes to censoring language, as many games do not provide this detail of a setting.

How to Mute Words in Valorant Patch 4.01

Valorant players are no stranger to toxicity. May it be voice to voice or through chat, a player may find a toxic gamer in a lobby or a game at some point in time. But it doesn’t mean that players are comfortable or happy with such behavior. Riot Games has released a new feature in Patch 4.01 where players can mute words said in chat.

Players can now input different versions of inappropriate terms to avoid seeing it in chat entirely, providing Riot a better understanding of what to look out for when it comes to inappropriate behavior online.

This new addition can be found in players’ settings under the “Control'' tab. Once under “Control”, go to “Communication” to find the mute words list option. There, a player can add as many words as they find offensive to them and not have to experience reading them in game chat.