How to Open the Du or Die Locked Door in Far Cry 6

Image courtesy of Ubisoft

If you're stuck wondering how to open the Du or Die locked door in Far Cry 6, don't worry - here's what you need to know.

Far Cry 6 has finally launched and many players are getting stuck into what the island of Yara has to offer. This world offers many hidden secrets and areas just waiting to be discovered, some proving to be more of a challenge to access than others. If you've stumbled across a certain locked door underneath Fort Quito, you're probably left wondering how to get in.

Here's how you can get inside the fenced-in area, and get hold of the treasures it holds within,

How to Open the Du or Die Locked Door in Far Cry 6

The Du or Die mission in Far Cry 6 tasks players with finding a way to open a locked door to find the depleted uranium for Juan. As you progress through the mission, you might notice that there's a second locked area that holds a unique firearm. First, let's go through getting the depleted uranium.

In order to get the depleted uranium, players will need the armory key. This can be found in a room to the southwest corner of the fort. The key is actually a keycard, attached to a blue lanyard. Grab this, take it to the courtyard and proceed through the metal door to collect the uranium. At this point, you can leave and deliver the goods to Juan, or continue on to find the unique weapon.

You'll notice a Yaran Contraband icon on the map, located on the eastern side of the fort. Take the ladder down to head underground. You'll notice the locked fenced area in front of you. There's actually no key for this door. Instead, you'll be able to enter it in another way.

Walk around the right side of the fence until you spot a wooden board covering part of the fence. Shoot or hit this board a few times to reveal a small hole for you to head through. Go inside to find the Yaran Contraband chest, which holds The Autocrat, a unique pistol. This weapon has armor-piercing rounds, making it a neat little weapon to have in your arsenal.

Far Cry 6 is out now on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Stadia, and Windows PC