How to Pick Off in MLB The Show 19

How to pick off in MLB The Show 19 to catch out over-eager opponents. It's a fairly simple, intuitive system once players get the hang of it.

Released March 26, MLB The Show 19 is the latest release for the annual Major League Baseball-themed sports game. The fourteenth entry in the MLB: The Show franchise, The Show 19 was developed by SIE San Diego Studio and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment for the PlayStation 4.

Featuring Philadelphia Phillies outfielder Bryce Harper as the cover star, The Show 19 lets players run a virtual season of the MLB with regular roster updates that test their abilities out on the diamond as well as behind-the-scenes in the manager's office.

As part of its simulation of baseball matches, players can learn to pickoff opposing runners.

How to Pick Off in MLB The Show 19

Players can pickoff while pitching.

Pickoff throws can be used to keep runners close to their starting base. Players have a small window in the corner of the screen that'll give them some information on if the runners are trying to extend their lead and what their speed and stealing stats are. The higher the stats, the more attention will need to be paid towards them.

The controls are:

  • Pickoff to 1st: L2 + Circle
  • Pickoff to 2nd: L2 + Triangle
  • Pickoff to 3rd: L2 + Square

For tips on hitting, check here. For tips on the Diamond Dynasty mode, this article will provide some pointers. Knowledge of the monthly roster update schedule will help players build out stronger teams.

Cover image courtesy of SIE San Diego Studio and Sony Interactive Entertainment