How to place Fire Traps in Fortnite

How to place Fire Traps in Fortnite
How to place Fire Traps in Fortnite | Photo by Epic Games

How to place Fire Traps in Fortnite is good information to know if you plan to try and unlock all the Marvel-themed skins offered as part of the Season 4 Battle Pass. One of the Weekly Challenges you can complete this week to earn EXP is to plan a fire trap so here's how to find and place one.

How To Place Fire Traps in Fortnite

New to Chapter 2 Season 4 of Fortnite, Fire Traps can be found scattered randomly around the map and in chests, although there is anecdotal evidence that suggests they might have a slightly higher drop rate from Loot Llamas.

Fire Traps categorized in game as building equipment so make sure you have an inventory slot there free before picking one up. Once found, a Fire Trap can be armed on any flat surface. If you just want the EXP the easiest way to get it is build a wall and then just stick a trap on it. If you're feeling creative though, you can catch other players unaware by sticking them to ceilings or around blind corners.

Because all you need to arm one is a flat surface, there's endless possibilities in how you can implement them.