How to Play Among Us: An Easy Guide for Beginners

Photo by Innersloth

How to play Among Us might be daunting at first for new players who might be getting together with a group of friends after watching a stream of the game.

Among Us is the latest gaming sensation on Twitch and YouTube as multiple content creators have partnered together to bring content to the masses. It's a game predicated on solving who the impostors are before they sabotage the game or kill enough crewmates. Here are some easy tips for playing the game whether you're an impostor or crewmate.

How to Play Among Us: An Easy Guide for Beginners


Your first task as a crewmate should be completing your tasks in an efficient manner. Learn each map and the intricacies of each to make sure your pathing each round is on point. Using The Skeld as an example, sweep a side of the map to start to make sure that you won't have to revisit that side again. Also keep track of your movement and make sure you have other crewmates to corroborate your story. You don't want to be suspected for any reason.

Additionally, you have to be on the lookout for potential impostors. Keep track of where people are and where people aren't. Don't let the impostor squeak out an alibi from another crewmate. As long as you finish your tasks quickly, you can play detective a bit more and you've gotten the task bar closer to completion.


The name of the game is kill the crewmates. You must do that without getting caught. The game ends when you have an even number of impostors to crewmates.

Kill the crewmates in spots that won't have players suspecting you. Using The Skeld again as an example, Communications, the top of Cafeteria and Med Bay make for great body hiding spots. Additionally, make sure you have an alibi. If the rest of the crewmates are accounting for each other, you don't want to be the odd one out.

Make sure you use your sabotages to your advantage. Taking out lights makes movement a bit easier and killing in the open that much more advantageous. Finally, getting an alibi for kills is important. Try marinating a crewmate by staying with them for most of the game so that it's hard to prove you were the one who got kills.