How to Play Chamber in Valorant

Photo courtesy Riot Games

Chamber is the newest agent in Valorant, acting as a hybrid of both a sentinel and duelist. This new Frenchman has abilities that align closely with Killjoy, Jet, and Yoru, making him quite fun to test out.

How to Play Chamber in Valorant


Trademark is a trap ability that can destabilize the terrain and disorient the players caught inside of it. It has a long range effect and uses the C key. But that doesn’t mean its not invisible and can’t be picked up, so players will have to hide this trap somewhere out of site to be most effective.


Once Q is tapped, a golden pistol materializes that resembles the Sheriff within game. And even though it deals the same amount of damage as the Sheriff, there is no damage fall-off, making it very powerful, especially since it has a faster recovery and equipment time. But this ability is definitely more suited for those with deep pockets in-game, as each bullet costs 100 creds, making a full magazine almost not worth compared to other weapons or abilities.


Being Chamber’s signature ability, once pressing E, the agent can create two teleport anchors that can be picked up and placed in various locations. That of a limited range, which is the size of the site, it is not an ability of considerable stealth, but that of repositioning to find the best way to pick of the enemy team. And with a 15-second cooldown, the player really has to make it count when traversing across the map with this ability.

Ultimate Tour De France

Once enabled, this ultimate can summon a powerful custom sniper rifle that will kill any enemy with a direct hit, as well as slowing any nearby players within its lingering field, making it easier to kill them off. And only having five bullets, it really forces the players to make every shot count.