How to Play Experimental Overwatch Explained

Blizzard Entertainment

Many fans of Overwatch are wondering how they can take part in the Experimental Mode in game.

Overwatch's Experimental mode is the way Blizzard developers prototype the game and make adjustments to current versions.

Game developers go to these lengths to update their game to hopefully please their players. In sort, they use the Overwatch player base to test new features within Experimental mode.

How to Play Experimental Overwatch Explained

The Overwatch Experimental game mode was introduced to test features for new patches.

The data collected from this mode's feedback and performance, Blizzard would judge what needed to be fixed or adjusted for Overwatch.

Experimental mode was first introduced to Overwatch in Feb. 2020 and takes place in week-long increments.

To play the Overwatch Experimental mode, it will appear as an option for anyone to take part in on the Play menu.

This mode only takes place when Blizzard enables it for players and the logo shows up as Moira and a test tube, so you can't miss it.