How to Play Monopoly Online With Friends

Justin Sullivan/GettyImages

Monopoly can be one of the most frustrating board games to play, as it has been the source of many arguments between friends. Despite this, the game has still been popular for a long time and friends still enjoy playing it with each other from time to time.

Similar to Uno, there are numerous online alternatives for Monopoly to help the game stay relevant in the technological era. With all of this being said, here are some ways to play Monopoly online with your friends.

How to Play Monopoly Online With Friends

The first way to play Uno online with your friends is by purchasing Monopoly Plus on Steam for about $15, which is the most common way people have played the game virtually. If this method costs too much for players, there are a couple of alternatives available.

There is a mobile app for players to purchase for about $4 that allows people to play classic monopoly on the go. It also allows people to play with friends and family.

A final way for people to play is via "solitaireparadise" that can be accessed through a web browser. This is a completely free alternative that still allows people to play with their friends, but it does not have the same properties as traditional Monopoly.