How to Play Old Fortnite Seasons

Epic Games

Wondering if there's a way to play old Fortnite seasons? Here's what you need to know.

As with any live service game, Epic Games is constantly looking for ways to keep Fortnite fresh and exciting. The most common way to do that is to release new seasons of content periodically. Apex Legends, Warzone and Valorant all seek to do the same, but Fortnite is arguably where the trend began.

Fortnite's seen many iterations over the years thanks to its seasonal updates, most notably affecting the game's map. For veteran players, it's easy to think of your favorite POIs and map layouts, but not so easy to revisit them. So, is there a way to play old seasons of Fortnite?

Can You Play Old Fortnite Seasons?

Surprisingly, there are some ways to play through old seasons of Fortnite, but they do come with some slight caveats. Certain areas of the community have taken it upon themselves to create mods which allow for the replaying of old seasons. One such tool is Project Era.

To put it simply, Project Era is a software that allows players to experience past Fortnite seasons, including ones from the very beginning. The downside is that, due to the nature of the software, it can only be played in single-player.

That said, there are regular multiplayer events held via the service, so players can experience Fortnite just as it was many seasons ago.

Project Era isn't the only mod on the market, either. Project Nova, for example, is another third-party mod which allows you to play on a multiplayer server but only for seasons in Fortnite's first chapter.

Given that these are third-party mods, and not endorsed by Epic Games, players should remain cautious when trying to access past seasons of Fortnite. There's no guarantee that disciplinary action won't be dished out in some form by Epic Games.