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How to Play Sum Fruit in Fall Guys

Image courtesy of Mediatonic

Sum Fruit is one of the challenges players will face when competing in Fall Guys. The event falls under the "Logic" category, which means players will have to use quick thinking to beat their opponents.

The way the game works is a variety of fruits will fall into the arena in which all the players are standing. Once each round starts, there will be three to four different types of fruit, and a random number of pieces of each type of fruit.

The first round is 12 seconds and the second round lasts 17 seconds. If there is a third round, it'll last 17 seconds as well.

How to Play Sum Fruit in Fall Guys

After the timer on the big screen expires, players will need to run up a ramp to avoid the rising slime. If they fall in the slime, they will be eliminated. Once at the top of the ramp, players will have to run onto the grey tiles.

Once players are up on the ramp, there will be numerous yellow screens at the edges of the arena. Watch those closely, as they display a number representing the quantity of fruit dropped into the arena. After this, the grey tiles will change and display pictures of the fruits dropped into arena.

Players will then have to stand on the tile that has a picture of fruit, but make sure the quantity on the screen matches the fruit you stand on. For example, if three bananas dropped into the arena, and the big screen shows the number three, then stand on the banana tile. If players correctly match the fruit to the number, they will be safe, but if they guess incorrectly the tile will disappear and they will be eliminated.

If players can survive all three rounds, they will advance to the next round.