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How to Play the English in Age of Empires IV

How to play the English in Age of Empires IV.
How to play the English in Age of Empires IV. / Photo courtesy of Relic Entertainment/Xbox Game Studios

Playing the English in Age of Empires IV isn't as tricky as some of the other, more complicated civilizations, but that doesn't make it a slam dunk. There are always improvements to be made to a game plan, and efficiencies to be found in that plan's execution. Here are some general tips and priorities to keep in mind when piloting the English.

How to Play the English in Age of Empires IV

The English early game is built around rapid expansion. They're aided in this by a few key advantages. For one, English villagers can use bows, making them better prepared to defend themselves in the event of an attack. The civilization also gets access to the Vanguard Man-At-Arms heavy infantry unit in the Dark Age. Use these tools to lay claim to all the resources you can in the early game.

All those early units can be sustained because the English can also construct Farms for 50% less wood. When within range of a Mill, those Farms produce 15% more quickly. With all that food, you can spam your units.

Once you've got a solid hold on your resources, it's time to start digging in your heels. Build defensive structures wherever you can, as Town Centers, Outposts, Towers and Keeps give your units a 25% buff to nearby units' attack speed when enemies enter their range. The unique English unit, the Longbowman, is also well suited to firing from fortified positions.

Turtling like this will allow you to build a wonder and pull out the win from the safety of your walls.

English Landmarks

  • Council Hall (Age II) – Military Landmark. Produces Longbowmen at +100% speed, and has Longbowman upgrades.
  • Abbey of Kings (Age II) – Religious Landmark. Heals all nearby friendly units not in combat by +4 HP every 1.5 seconds.
  • Kings Palace (Age III) – Economic Landmark. Acts as a Town Center.
  • The White Tower (Age III) – Defensive Landmark. Acts as a Keep.
  • Berkshire Palace (Age IV) – Defensive Landmark. Acts as a Keep, with +50% greater range and double the amount of arrow slits.
  • Wynguard Palace (Age IV) – Military Landmark. Produces the ‘Wynguard Army’, which is a group of one of the each of the following: Man-At-Arms, Spearman, Longbowman, Knight, and Trebuchet.

English Unique Units

  • Vanguard Man-At-Arms: Heavy infantry available earlier than other civilizations' equivalents
  • Longbowman: Cheap, fast to produce infantry with long range and high damage against unarmored infantry. Can build Palings to defend against cavalry.

English Unique Technologies

  • Shipwrights – Reduces the cost of ships by 10%.
  • Setup Camp – Unlocks the ability for Longbowman to set up camps, which heal them for one health every second.
  • Arrow Volley – A unique ability of the Longbowman which, when activated, increases their attack speed by 70%.
  • Shattering Projectiles – Upgrades your trebuchet projectiles to shatter on impact, affecting a larger area.