How to Play Uno Online With Friends


One of the most popular card games for friends to play throughout their childhood is Uno, as it is one of those classic games that has been around for a long time.

With the expanding use of technology, Uno has transformed from solely a physical card game to an online one as well. This has made the game available for friends that are not within close proximity to one another and allowed the game to continuously grow.

Here are a few different ways for people to play Uno online with their friends.

How to Play Uno Online With Friends

The first way for friends to play Uno online is by purchasing the official game via the Steam store, which allows up to for people to play within the same lobby. This will cost about $10, but the game runs smoothly and allows you to alter rule sets.

There is also a web browser version of Uno that people can access at "buddyboardgames" and allows people to play the game for free. This is a great option for people that rarely play Uno, but feel the urge to try it out with some friends on a random night.

For any friends looking to play Uno via their mobile devices, this is possible for free through the app store. This method will have in-game adds that make it slightly annoying at times, but it is a good free alternative that is playable anywhere you go.