How to Play With Friends in No Man's Sky

Image courtesy of Hello Games

No Man's Sky has received a few changes since its initial release, including how to play with friends. Here's what you need to know.

No Man's Sky's multiplayer might seem a bit confusing at first glance. With new elements such as the Nexus, players are now able to interact with each other and try out new Multiplayer Missions. Though, just because you're all in the Nexus doesn't mean that you'll immediately be able to spot your friends. Not everyone will be in the same Nexus, meaing one person's Nexus might be full of different people compared to their friends.

With multiplayer, up to eight people can exist in the same Nexux on consoles, with this being bumped up to 32 on PC. Players can also party up with three other people to make a party of four. You can invite players to join your game, or you can meet people in the Nexus.

So, how can you make sure you're connecting and playing with friends?

How to Play With Friends in No Man's Sky

In order to play with friends in No Man's Sky, players will want to head to the 'Options' tab in the main menu. From here, players should select 'Network.'

This option will allow players to select 'View No Man's Sky Friend List' to see their list of friends active in the game. Selecting the friend will present you with the option of inviting them to your session. To invite someone who isn't in your friends list, you can select 'View No Man's Sky Friend Code' to see your unique code.

With this you can send it to your prospective friend for them to add or, alternatively, you can select 'Add No Man's Sky Friend' to add their code. Once completed, you'll both be able to invite each other to games and play co-op.