How to Player Lock in Madden 21

Photo Courtesy of EA SPORTS Madden

The player lock feature in Madden 21 is viable for players wanting to focus on one specific player on offense or defense on the field, whether it be their own franchise player or an active player on a normal franchise team. The option is only available for Franchise mode or Face of the Franchise.

Here is how to turn on and off this setting in Madden 21.

How to Lock on a Player in Madden 21

If you are running your own created player or an active NFL player in franchise mode, or playing as a QB, RB or wide receiver in Face of the Franchise, you may want to use the player lock feature to keep the focus on your specific player and let the CPU run the rest of the team for you.

To use this feature, start up a save for either of the two game modes that are player oriented, not coach or GM oriented, and go to League Settings before starting the mode.

Scroll down to the Full on-field control option in the Player Mode tab, and you can turn this on or off. When set to on, you can control the entire team on field. But if you set this to off, you will be locked on whatever position your custom or active player runs at.