How to Playmaker in Madden 21

Photo Courtesy of EA SPORTS

The Playmaker mechanic in Madden 21 helps give you an advantage after the snap by telling your receivers which area of the field to run to. This feature is great when you're able to predict your opponent's movements with their defensive backs after the play starts, and if you're quick with which direction you point your receiver, you can find a gap for big yards.

Here's how to use the Playmaker in Madden 21 in any mode.

Photo Courtesy of EA SPORTS Madden

How to Playmaker in Madden 21

The Playmaker mechanic is useable once the ball is snapped, not before. Once you snap the ball, you can use the right thumbstick in the direction you want the receiver closest to you to run towards.

This only works for the receiver closest to you, whether it is a running back, tight end or wide-receiver. We like to use this for the player closest to us to find open space in the field if our other receivers aren't open deep, so you can take advantage of space close by to rescue a few yards if your designed play falls through. You will only really have time to playmake one receiver close to you, so you have to be patient and wise with where you send that receiver. This playmaker ability can save you from being sacked, score you big yards for a defender that falls asleep on his coverage, or give your opponent an easy pick-6 if you don't use it right.

The playmaker ability can truly be great for you if utilized right, allowing you to control two players at once on offense. Exploit this to capitalize on playing against one player who can't keep their eyes on both players at the same time.