How to Power Your Base in No Man's Sky

Image courtesy of Hello Games

Want to know how to power your base in No Man's Sky? We've detailed all of the info you should need.

Base building can sometimes be a complex feat. Thanks to No Man's Sky's more recent updates, such an activity can get a little confusing, with different structures and functions to know and learn. One very important feature that players will want to nail down is power.

Powering you base in No Man's Sky is essential in making sure all of your equipment and technology remains usable. For example, some storage containers, Industrial Extractors, and other general technology all require power. On top of that, certain lights will also draw from the supply - and no one wants to be trapped in the dark on a hostile alien planet.

So, given that it's so important, we've detailed just what you need to do in order to power your base.

How to Power Your Base in No Man's Sky

First of all, you'll need the blueprints in order to build certain power supplies. Heading to Buried Technology Modules to hunt for Salvaged Data is your best bet in finding them.

With the necessary blueprints in hand, you'll find the power constructions in the Tech menu, under Power & Industry, then Power. The simplest source of power is the Biofuel Reactor, which can be fed Carbon to keep it running. However, as soon as it runs out of Carbon, you'll experience an outage. To protect against that, it's good to have an alternative supply - such as Solar Panels. Keep in mind, Solar Panels will only generate power so long as the sun is out.

Additionally, a Battery will help store any excess power to be used should an outage occur. You'll find the blueprints for both the Battery and Solar Panel from Salvaged Data.

How to Use Wires in No Man's Sky

Building the source is one thing, but you'll also need to run wires to connect it. Making a power grid will ensure that your power source is pumping juice into your technology. You'll need to unlock the Electrical Wiring blueprint from the Construction Research Unit tree.

Wires can run anywhere in your base area, even creating junctions. Anything that requires power will be identified by a green lighting bolt icon. Simply connect the power source to your tech with wires and it'll be powered.

Certain types of structures allow you to hide wires or transmit power to connected rooms, like corridors. Others can be plugged into your power grid which in turn powers everything in the room. It'll probably take some figuring out to get everything looking how you want it, but there's definitely room for experimentation.