How to Pre-Load Need For Speed Unbound: Times, Platforms

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EA's new racing game, Need for Speed Unbound, is almost here. Here's what to know about pre-loading the game to play right at release.

Need for Speed Unbound focuses on a prestigious racing challenge that you'll need to compete in to make it to the top. Set in the vibrant Lakeshore City, EA has highlighted the game's unique take on graffiti and visuals.

All cars in the game will be customizable, whether you're looking to try out cosmetics or to maximize capabilities. Along with building skills to participate in the in-game weekly qualifiers, you'll also need to make enough money as well as outrun anything that gets in your way while exploring the city.

How to Pre-Load Need For Speed Unbound

For those who have purchased the Palace Edition, the game will be available to play early on Nov. 29, The Standard Edition of the game will release on Dec. 2. The game will be playable on PC, Xbox Series S|X, and PlayStation 5.

Luckily, EA has posted a helpful guide of pre-load dates for all editions of the game:

  • EA: Nov. 24, 16:00 UTC
  • Steam: Nov. 28, 16:00 UTC
  • Xbox Series S|X: Nov. 24, 16:00 UTC
  • PlayStation 5: Nov. 30*, 7:00 UTC

Pre-loading for the Palace Edition on PlayStation 5 began on Nov. 24.