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How to Pre-Load the Battlefield 2042 Beta

Battlefield 2042
Battlefield 2042 / Credit to EA/Dice

Many fans of the Battlefield series are wondering how to pre-load the Battlefield 2042 beta so they can be ready to play the moment the open beta goes live.

Players can pre-download the open beta starting on Oct. 5 at 12 a.m. PDT. This is three days before the open beta becomes available for the public to enjoy on Oct. 8. Players who have pre-ordered the game or are a member of the EA Play subscription service will be able to join two days earlier than the rest of players, on Oct. 6. The beta will end on Oct. 10 for all players regardless of pre-order or EA Play subscription status.

How to Pre-Load the Battlefield 2042 Beta

To pre-download the Battlefield 2042 beta players can search for the beta on the storefront associated with their platform. For PC players this can be from the Epic Games store, Steam, Origin or the EA app.

Interestingly enough Xbox players are required to have an Xbox live subscription to participate in the open beta, but PlayStation players are not subject to the same restriction and can play without a PS Plus subscription.

The open beta's system requirements recommend 100 GB of hard drive space, so be sure to allocate enough time for a download of such size.