How to Purify Shadow Pokemon in Pokemon GO

Shadow Entei and the leader of Team Rocket, Giovanni
Shadow Entei and the leader of Team Rocket, Giovanni / The Pokémon Company

How to purify shadow Pokemon in Pokemon GO is crucial for those looking to complete quests and Research tasks while also sticking it to Team Rocket and their many, many bosses.

After the Team Rocket takeover in Niantic's AR mobile game only a few short months ago, players have been tasked with finding and helping to heal their mutated Shadow Pokemon. This isn't the first time we've seen shadow counterparts released into the world of Pokemon. Trainers have been aware of these creatures since with two games detailing the tragedy behind Shadow Lugia and others in 2004 and 2005.

Now, it appears Rocket has taken those plans and expanded on them tenfold. It's up to us to rescue our beloved monsters from their grasp.

How to Purify Shadow Pokemon in Pokemon GO

The first thing you'll need is a Shadow Pokemon to purify. Team Rocket has taken over PokeStops all over your local neighborhood. Battling a member should be sufficient enough to get you a Shadow Pokemon as you'll have the opportunity to catch a new one upon each victory,

Shadow Pokemon are a lot like Lucky Pokemon in which they are incredibly strong and take less Stardust to power up. However, they suffer from having a chronically low CP until purification—which is where we come in.

To purify a Shadow Pokemon, a trainer will need a certain amount of Stardust. The exact amount depends on the Pokemon level and type and will be detailed below its stats. Most Shadow Pokemon you catch will be primary forms or otherwise non-evolved.

An example of a purified Politoed
An example of a purified Politoed / Niantic Labs

Immediately after purification, trainers should notice a significant increase in CP along with new moves and new cosmetics. Purified Pokemon will have a special symbol next to their portrait on your Pokemon inventory screen and will have a white, wispy-effect glow around their model when on their profile. They keep these effects throughout their evolutions.