How to Redeem Paris Major 2023 Souvenir Tokens

Valve Paris Major 2023 Souvenir Tokens can now be redeemed during the final Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Major.

Souvenir Tokens are a special part of the Paris Major 2023 Viewer Pass. Souvenir Tokens are used to claim a Souvenir Package from any match at the Paris Major. Players can get a head start by purchasing a Viewer Pass bundle that comes with three Souvenir Tokens for $17.99 compared to the base Viewer Pass at $9.99.

Here's how to redeem your Paris Major 2023 Souvenir Tokens.

How to Redeem Paris Major 2023 Souvenir Tokens

Players can redeem tokens through their Paris 2023 Coin in their inventories after purchasing a Viewer Pass.

  1. Click your Paris 2023 Coin and click on View Coin Challenges
  2. Locate the Souvenir Tokens section on the top right
  3. Click on Redeem Tokens
  4. Select stage and/or team you'd like to redeem a Souvenir Package from
  5. Click on the match of choice
  6. Click the Gift icon in the bottom right corner
  7. Click Get Souvenir

After you've claimed a Souvenir Package from a specific match, you can open it in your inventory. Keep in mind, the match you select a Souvenir from contains weapon skins from that map's Collection. Mirage packages will be popular considering the AWP | Desert Hydra and the Desert Eagle | Fennec Fox. Paris Major 2023 Souvenir Tokens can be redeemed until June 30.