How to Register as a CEO on GTA V

How to register as a CEO on GTA V is fun for anyone who has dreamed of being an executive. With the Finance and Felony update that came to GTA V in the past years, players have been given the option to step up their crime spree and run a corporation dedicated to felonious acts—with themselves at the head.

Are you ready to take the reigns of your own illegal organization?

How to Register as a CEO on GTA V

The first thing you need to do is buy an office — to prove you have "mad stacks" and to serve as your base of operations. There are several offices available for purchase in-game from the Dynasty 8 Executive website on your phone.

The available offices are as follows:

  • Maze Bank Tower - $4 million
  • Lombank West - $3.1 million
  • Arcadius Business Center - $2.25 million
  • Maze Bank West - $1 million
  • Once purchased, these offices will serve as your base of operations for your organization and can be customized as you see fit. You can hire an Executive Assistant, install a gun locker, safe, and living quarters how you please. If you'd like, you can also name your organization, and begin recruiting associates to do your dirty work.

    Locations will also become available for purchase such as warehouses to hide your contraband and unlock new vehicles for you. Warehouses come in various sizes and are the place you'll be launching your Selling missions from.

    Your office comes equipped with a SecuroServ computer where you can start Buy missions and manage your properties.

    Your Executive Assistant is the main perk of becoming a CEO as this character can perform several tasks. If you need transportation from place to place or simply want some snacks, your Executive Assistant can do all that for you.

    CEOs also get special bonuses such as no cool down periods, permanent up time, and no bank balance requirement.

    Once you get the logistics sorted out, all that's left for you to do is run missions and start growing your empire.

    Photo courtesy of Rockstar Games.