How to Relocate Teams in Madden 23

Madden NFL 23 All Madden Edition cover
Madden NFL 23 All Madden Edition cover / Image courtesy of EA Sports

It's almost that time of year. The annual release of the Madden franchise. This year, we have Madden 23 with the legendary John Madden gracing the cover.

Besides offline gameplay with your friends, Madden is best known for its version of Ultimate Team and Franchise mode.

Franchise mode allows you to take control of any team as their new General Manager. You control all aspects of the team from free agency, trades, cuts and even the possible relocation. Yeah, that's right, you could move the team if you wanted to.

The New England Patriots could become the Houston Patriots. The Denver Broncos could become the Salt Lake City Broncos. The possibilities are endless, but how do you relocate your team?

How to Relocate Teams in Madden 23

The first step is before you even choose your team. One of the first choices you will make is what role you will fulfill. Make sure that the role you select, is the team owner, not a coach or player.

Next, when you are setting the league settings, make sure that "Everyone can Relocate" is active. When this is active, you can relocate whenever you'd like. If this is not active, you will only be able to relocate if your stadium has under a 40 rating.

The next few steps in the process will take a little time. Make sure that you initiate the relocation in the preseason or in week one.

By week five, you will now be able to fully start the relocation. First, you will choose the city that you want to relocate to. In week six, you will be able to choose a team name and logo. In week seven, you will design your uniforms. In week eight, you will design your team's new stadium.

The choices during weeks six through eight, are somewhat optional. Of course, you could choose to keep everything the same, and just move the team. The only one you must do is design a new stadium.

At this point, the relocation process is almost complete. You will not be able to relocate until the next season. So either play through the season or simulate until the end.

Now at the start of the next season, your team will be located in a brand new city and stadium.