How to Repair in Core Keeper

Image courtesy of Pugstorm/Fireshine Games.

Confused on how to repair in Core Keeper? We've got you covered.

Core Keeper is an online co-op mining sandbox game from Pugstorm and Fireshine Games. Players will find themselves building up a base, fighting dangerous monsters, farming resources, and crafting items in order to survive underground.

Here's everything you need to know about repairing.

How to Repair in Core Keeper

Repairing items in Core Keeper is quite simple. All you need to do is create a Salvage and Repair station and use it. The Salvage and Repair station enables you to use Salvage parts to repair damaged or broken items.

To craft the Salvage and Repair station, you will need five Wood and five Copper Ingots. Copper can be commonly found around spawn as it's one of the earliest resources available to you in the game. From there, you can make Copper Ingots by crafting yourself a furnace and putting your ores in there. Meanwhile, wood is also an early game item that can be easily found in the Dirt Biomes.

Once you craft your Salvage and Repair Station, you can either place a tool to repair it or can you add unwanted weapons, armors, or tools that need to be salvaged. To create one Salvage Part, you can recycle items by placing the item inside the station and clicking on the Broken Sword icon. These Salvage Parts can then be used to repair your items by using the Hammer icon once your item is inside the station. Ultimately, this will use a Salvage Part and repair your damaged or broken item.