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How to Repair the Bike in Death Stranding Director's Cut

Image courtesy of Kojima Productions

A bike is an incredibly useful vehicle in Death Stranding, and you're going to want to know how to repair it.

Death Stranding Director's Cut has finally released. Whether you're returning to the game for your second playthough or giving it a go for the first time, you'll quickly realize that there's a huge amount of ground to cover. Add in a mix of harzardous environments, enemy encampments, and timed delivery missions, players might be looking for ways to get around more rapidly.

Thankfully, Death Stranding has an array of vehicles for players to use. Some vehicles are better suited to certain terrains than others, but certainly one of the most maneuverable is the bike or "Reverse Trike" as it's known in-game. All vehicles take damage, whether from falls, enemies, or Timefall rain. With enough damage, the vehicle will become inoperable and if you're stuck out in the open, miles away from a city, things might start to look pretty sketchy. But don't worry, here's everything you'll need to know about repairing the bike.

How to Repair the Bike in Death Stranding Director's Cut

First, it's worth noting that there's a different between recharging vehicles and repairing vehicles. Once you've unlocked the ability to construct a generator, you can place one in the world and bring your bike next to it to charge it. It's a good idea to place these on routes you'll tend to use frequently.

Repairing a bike is a bit different. As you continue to use the bike, you'll notice that it will inevitibly start to degrade. If you notice rust on your bike, that's a good indication that the vehicle could do with a repair when you next get the chance. Vehicles can only be repaired by "storing" them. Generators and a Repair Spray won't cut it. To store your bike, you'll need to drive it to a location with a working Garage. Park it in the center area that you'll use to access your Private Room, then activate the terminal to the right of the room to store your bike in the Garage. When you next bring your bike out, it should be fully repaired.

Death Stranding Directors Cut is out now for PlayStation 5. An upgrade is available for players who previously bought the PlayStation 4 version.