How to Reset Age in Sifu

Image courtesy of Sloclap

With each death in Sifu the player ages a certain number of years, so you might be wondering how to reset your age.

Sifu is the latest beat 'em up to grace PC and PlayStation. With a strong focus on combat, the player will be chaining together fluid attacks and tricky combos in order to fight their way through waves of opponents. The mechanics in Sifu are certainly unique, with its centerpiece being the Death Counter.

Death in Sifu works in a mysterious way. Each time the player dies, the Death Counter goes up a number. Players can choose to resurrect in the exact same spot, though the consequence is that each resurrection increases the age of the character by the number of the Death Counter.

While the player's damage is increased every 10 years aged, overall health is decreased meaning you're more succeptible to death as you go on. Before long, you can quickly find yourself racking up the years.

Age carries over to the next stage, so however old the character is when they take down that final boss is how old they'll be as you begin the next level. The Death Counter will also remain the same, so if you defeat the boss while your Death Counter is at 2 it'll remain at that number going into the next stage.

Sounds intriguing, right? With death being near-inevitable in Sifu, you might be wondering how to reset your age.

How to Reset Age in Sifu

In short, there isn't a way to reset or reduce your age in Sifu. You can reduce the Death Counter, however, through a number of ways:

First, players can redeem a special reward at the shrines. This reqard costs 1,000XP and will clear your counter completely. Alternatively, there are special enemies which upon defeat will reduce the counter. Survive the encounter, and you'll reduce the Death Counter by one.

Sifu is designed to be tough, so it'll likely take a bit of practice to prevent getting a total game over. With that being said, there is a maximum age you can go up to before the game calls it quits. Between age 70-78, players will have one last life. Dying at this age will prompt a game over and you'll have a chance to retry the stage or give up.