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How to Resurrect Teammates in Evil Dead: The Game

Image courtesy of Saber Interactive

Need to resurrect some teammates back from the dead? Here's how to do it in Evil Dead: The Game.

Co-op survival horror games are some of the best fun to be had with friends. The latest adventure to grace the genre is Evil Dead: The Game, where players take up arms with some of the series' most memorable characters.

Like any co-op game, teamwork is key. The friends you have in play, the better your chance of survival. While teammates might end up downed and in need of a revival, some might kick the bucket altogether. In these cases, you'll need to resurrect them.

How to Resurrect Teammates in Evil Dead: The Game

Resurrecting and Reviving are different things in Evil Dead: The Game. Where reviving requires players to locate their downed teammate and help them back up, resurrecting asks a little bit more. In fact, to bring them back, you'll need to locate their soul.

  • First, find your teammate's soul. Stand next to it and hold down the 'Collect button
  • You'll need to take it to the 'Altar' which will be marked on your map
  • At the Altar, hold down the 'Resurrect' button

Doing this will see your teammakte rejoin the fight.

Evil Dead: The Game is out now on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and Windows PC.