How to Revisit Verdansk in 2022

Photo courtesy of Raven Software

Players can revisit Verdansk in 2022, as long as you still have Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. For those hoping for a return to Verdansk in Warzone, you may be disappointed.

Warzone's anniversary passed without even a mention of the beloved map, and many fans have started questioning the developer. Raven Software stirred up a bit of controversy withno sort of celebration on the game's birthday aside from a tweet, let alone the return of their favorite map.

That's where this trick comes in handy.

Posted by Tik Tok user, players can return to Verdansk by turning on Modern Warfare. Go right below multiplayer to the game mode co-op. Select the first option and you'll be dropped into the iconic Warzone map before the 1984 changes.

No, it's not a live match against enemy players or a Warzone match, but you could revisit your favorite spots again with your friends.

And for those hoping for a competitive match, you may have to keep waiting. It's possible that the map could work its way back into Warzone after a while but many have argued that Verdansk should be cut out of the game permanently, and give Raven the freedom to create new, exciting maps rather than sticking to the past. Whatever the case, the community desperately needs something to save the floundering battle royale.

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