How to Romance Kelly Chambers in Mass Effect LE

Photo courtesy of BioWare, Electronic Arts

Yeoman Kelly Chambers is a new recruit to the Normandy in Mass Effect Legendary Edition, and is a romance option for both male and female Shepards. The unique thing about her is that even after romancing her, players are not locked out of other options and can still romance other Squad Mates.

How to Romance Kelly Chambers in Mass Effect LE

Upon meeting Kelly Chambers on the Normandy, Kelly will talk to the Shepard about closing her eyes and trusting the Shepard to catch her. Answer with "I'd embrace you" to initiate the romance. The next time you speak to her, open the conversation with "I liked it."

After that, as you go through a series of recruitment missions for new characters, as well as the Horizon and Collector Ship Missions, keep responding positively as you interact with Kelly. If she takes a liking to you, you'll get the chance to invite her to dinner. This is where she'll offer to look after your fish automatically for you, so you no longer have to manually feed them.

Next, you'll have to make sure Kelly survives the Suicide Mission. Make sure you have a Squad Mate who is loyal to you who does not have an important role during the Suicide Mission. Then, acquire the Reaper IFF, and after some time passes, you'll see a scene in which the Collectors kidnap the crew, including Kelly. Immediately head to the Omega-4 Relay at this point, otherwise Kelly will die.

After the Omega-4 Relay, you'll recover your crew, and you can tell Kelly you came specifically to rescue her. Then, assign a loyal Squad Mate to be the crew's escort. If you don't, Kelly will die on the way back. If you assign a non-loyal escort, she'll still survive, but the escort will die.

After the Suicide Mission is completed, speak to Kelly again and pick "Are you okay?" This will unlock the Cabin invite scene with her, as long as you are not currently in an ongoing relationship with anyone else. You'll soon receive a message from Kelly inviting you up to the Captain's Cabin, where you can enjoy a romantic scene and complete the romance subplot.