How to Romance Thane Krios in Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Even killers have hearts. Just ask Thane.
Even killers have hearts. Just ask Thane. / Photo by BioWare, Electronic Arts

Romancing Thano Krios in Mass Effect LE is a solid choice, especially for those who desire a little more intergalactic assassinations in their love life. Thane Krios is the Drell assassin who Shepard meets on Illium, and joins the crew on their mission to defeat the Collectors. For players who desire the Drell assassin's love in their playthrough, just follow these simple steps.

How to Romance Thane Krios in Mass Effect LE

The romance with Thane begins in Mass Effect 2, and you'll have to be sure you're playing as the female version of Shepard. First, you'll have to complete Thane's loyalty mission in order to begin the romance process. If you end up failing the loyalty mission, then you're blocked from romancing Thane. Afterward, you'll have three conversations with Thane, and success in each one is needed to ensure Shepard ends up with him.

The first conversation, you'll be checking with bone Thane and Kolyat. You'll select the "I want to talk about you" dialogue option, and then, in order to progress the romance, you'll pick the far more risqué option, "I want you, Thane."

The second conversation will take place sometime after, and once again, you'll have to select the "I want to talk about you" dialogue option. You'll get some information about Thane, and end the conversation with, "I care for you too."

The third conversation goes just about the same way, just make sure you select the "I'm fine" dialogue option when it comes up, as that will lock in the romance. From there, you'll get the romance scene, and then the Suicide Mission, so if you want your romance with Thane to continue into Mass Effect 3, you have to make sure he survives.

In Mass Effect 3, after Priority: Palaven, you'll receive word from Thane, that he's located at Huerta Memorial Hospital. Meet him there, and after talking to him, select the Paragon option to kiss him. From there, you're locked into the romance for the rest of the game. In addition, the Citadel DLC offers a more fleshed out romance for Thane, compared to the base Mass Effect 3.