How to Save Nick in The Quarry

Image courtesy of Supermassive Games

Saving Nick in the Quarry will take some guidance.

The highly anticipated "spiritual successor" to 2015's horror game Until Dawn, finally came out on June 10. The Quarry sees the return of highly interactive horror gameplay, with various decisions that can change the story and decide the fate of certain characters.

A fan-favorite character, named Nick, is someone who, unfortunately, seems too far gone to be saved. Don't fret though, as we're going to tell you exactly what to do to save him from a gruesome death.

How to Save Nick in The Quarry

*Be wary, there are spoilers in the following guide*

In order to save Nick, the key is to be nice to him at the beginning of the game, even when he begins to act unusual. When he begins to turn into a werewolf, shoot him as Abi, as it will prevent him from fully transforming. After shooting him, he'll run off.

The next part is absolutely crucial to save Nick. Later in the game, you'll find Nick in a cage with Jacob. When Ryan and Laura find him, do not let Laura shoot him. She has the silver laced ammo, so her bullet will inevitably end Nick's life.

After this encounter, Kaitlyn and Dylan will be attacked by a werewolf in the lodge. The best way to deal with it seems to be lock it away in the freezer. Once the White Wolf is killed at the end of the game, Caleb will revert back to a human and die in the freezer.

Caleb's death will then break the curse put on Nick, and save him.

This is the only way to save Nick, so make sure to follow the guide closely to ensure his survival.